GNU/Linux in India (FN's links)

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Links to Indian LUGs
GNU/Linux user groups. Needs updating. Some more might have been formed/not yet found. Some of this list would be inactive. http://wikiwikiweb.de/LugsList

Asian network (with an Indian link)
From the Asian OSS Symposium. Has an India-related link too. This time, the meet was in Taiwan. http://forge.iis.sinica.edu.tw

India links on IOSN.net
As the title above says. There's space for you on this site. What more, at this time, Bangalore's Sunil Abraham (of Mahiti.org) is the friendly manager. http://www.iosn.net/country/india/

"Liberation Technology"
Report on FLOSS in Asia, written sometime in mid-2003. http://www.maailma.kaapeli.fi/asia.html/

FN's links
Some links to the work (mainly FLOSS-related) of the maintainer of this site. http://wikiwikiweb.de/FrederickNoronha

GNULinuxInIndia mailing list
List that brings you updates about news from India. Sign up here. http://www.freelists.org/cgi-bin/list.fcgi?list_id=linuxinindia

ILUG-Goa's wiki
ILUG-Goa's wiki on IOSN.net. Incidentally IOSN.net offers free web and wiki space to any group working on FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software).

The website of an Indian [GNU]Linux magazine. Wish there was more content put out on this site... in the spirit of sharing ;-) http://www.linuxforu.com/

GNULinuxInIndia (ezine)
Check this newsletter, that comes to you via email. Occasional. Put out by this guy behind this newsletter (FN*in Goa, India). Volunteers needed. http://www.freelists.org/cgi-bin/list.fcgi?list_id=linuxinindia

Project Ganeshas... GNU/Linux in schools
Interesting idea of taking GNU/Linux and IT education to schools in nearby Nepal. http://www.ganeshas-project.org/

From South (Goa)... a small LUG's initiative
They may be small, but they've done a good job with setting up their site. The real nuggets of useful info are buried at http://ilug-margao.org/resources.htm -- including tutorials for installing SSL for Apache; installing Jakarta-tomcat with SSL support in Apache; Oracle 8i for GNU/Linux; Web-content filteringetc, etc No prizes for guessing, Arvind Clement is very much a security-guy. No prizes also for realising that these are friends from South Goa. So why take my word for it, check the site yourself... http://ilug-margao.org/

From the Sunny South
A Trivandrum (their spelling) effort. As they put it, "We are a GNU/Linux-based Enterprise providing software solutions of exceptional quality using cutting-edge technologies; creating a GNU/Linux ambiance for our distinguished clients in their demanding work environments." Interesting... http://www.linuxense.com/

India's Sourceforge (in the making)
"Coming up India's first Free/Opensource development Web site." We're eagerly awaiting for this promise to be fulfilled, guys. http://sarovar.org/

Buy your GNU/Linux CDs here
Two young men's very interesting attempt at setting up a cyber-store to sell affordable GNU/Linux CDs. Their self-description: " This project involves two persons - Yashwanth and Swaroop. We are studying 5th Semester, B.E. (in Computer Science) at PESIT, Bangalore. Yashwanth is the guy goes through the open-source projects we wish to list on our site, and who talks to you on the phone, also receives your orders and coordinates with fellow Linuxers like you. By the way, he is the guy who first thought of the LinCDs.com idea. You could call him the PR manager (Public Relations Manager). Swaroop is the guy behind all the technical stuff -- such as from the website to writing the CDs. At the moment, he is in the process of making a microsite titled Tour of Linux where you will be introduced to the various facets of Linux from an average desktop user's point of view [ no technical stuff here though ;) ]. You could call him the CTO ( Chief Technical Officer ). We both are rather busy, after all we are studying B.E., but we still try to make time for this project...." I tried this store, and found it nice... with the service fairly efficient. These guys could do with your encouragement. http://www.lincds.com

Place for brewing ideas
Vivek Venugopalan 's page. He describes it thus: "Even though there is not [GNU]/Linux specific stuff in there, a lot of open source tools/perspective is present in there." Worth checking out... http://magic-cauldron.com/

Workshop... in Kerala (Nov 2002)
Details of a Thiruvananthapuram workshop: In its attempt to cautiously look at what it calls the 'Open Domain Software Movement', the MICT, Electronic Research and Development Centre of India (ER&DCI) Thiruvananthapuram and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore together are hosting a workshop on November 7-8 at ER&DCI, Thiruvananthapuram. It's an "attempt to expose the nuances of policy framing, software protection and licensing and consequently the issues related to the use of the open software by end users and developers". http://salis.ece.iisc.ernet.in/workshop/

Welcome to Freed This welcome page is used to introduce you to the Freed Content Management System. The Free Education Web Site, Freed. Courtesy our GNU/Linux enthusiasts from Delhi. Educationists are encouraged to create an account for yourself and upload, browse, comment on or rate content available on this site. The objective of this site is to enable everyone to help yourself learn, and help others learn. Impressive! http://free-ed.org:12080/Freed/

Talk... at Kochi
Advocating and promoting the use of free software by providing technical assistance related to free software, bringing together free software businesses and free software users and propagating the message of software freedom in and around the city of Kochi (Kerala, India). http://symonds.net/mailman/listinfo/fsug-kochi-discuss

Check out your words...
A small form that allows you to upload a plain text, MS Word or HTML file. The form processes the file and rates it for readability, gives sentence statistics, gives word statistics, generates phrase statistics, finds commonly misused phrases. Says Raj(u) Mathur of kandalaya.org : "Please use it, abuse it, and give feedback." http://free-ed.org/diction.html

State with 4 listed LUGs... Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu has 4 LUGs listed in this linux.org listing -- one each in Chennai/Madras and Madurai, and two in Coimbatore. Check out the links. http://www.linux.org/groups/india/tamil_nadu.html

LUGs around India
Linux user groups ... around India. As listed by linux.org http://www.linux.org/groups/india/

Waiting for Indic support...
As Anne-Marie explains, "Basic support for Indic languages was supposed to come with Qt 3.1 (now in beta test). Unfortunately, it did not work out. For the present status see the posting to kde-i18n-doc@kde.org by Guntupalli Karunakar. For more info on the problems involved please search the list archive for keywords like "Indic", "Indian", "Hindi" and so on. http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-i18n-doc&m=103097833119028&w=2

FLOSS -- European study, and a desi angle
FLOSS, the term (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) could go down in history. Look at the desi angles to this study, pioneered under Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, who at 27 in Holland is doing a great job... he was in Delhi till a couple of years back, as he told me in an interview. http://www.infonomics.nl/FLOSS/report/Final0.htm#_ftn2

Not really GNU/Linux in India...
FreeBSD India's home page. Interesting! Also see http://www.sharma-home.net/~adsharma/bsd-india/ http://www.bsd-india.org/

Nagendra... a student with a heart in software
Nagendra is a linux developer and likes "to play around and write opensource programs, some are listed on sites like freshmeat/linuxlinks/simtelnet/softseek/etc. Says he: "I just love to use Linux due to it's flexibility and as a Linux power-user myself I have Linux on my Desktop and even on my Laptop. I use Linux Mandrake 8.2 which is one of the Linux distributions which is really really easy to use and I would recommend you give it a try. He is currently (at the time his site went up) the coordinator for Mysore Linux Users Group. He's 21, a student of Electronics and Communication Engg, and technology consultant. Says he: "I very much like technology and electronics/computers have been a hobby since many years." Way to go, young man... http://nagendra.com/

Exocore... in Bangalore
Bangalore-based company where "Linux is an important technology at Exocore. Here you can read more about how we and our clients use Linux, and how we support Linux and the Linux community." http://www.exocore.com/

Slick packaging for photos in cyberspace...
Gallery is a "slick web based photo album" written using PHP. With Gallery you can create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching and more. Albums can have read, write and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy. Give accounts to your friends and family and let them upload and manage their own photos on your website! Bharat Mediratta is behind this project. http://gallery.sf.net/

Picopeta... reaching out to the poor
"Even the poorest of the poor will pay for a service, if that service improves in some way their quality of life." Picopeta is working to make Simputers for them. Incidentally, PicoPeta was featured as one of the seven hottest university startups in 2001 by MIT's Technology Review. We wish them all the best in the tough job taken on. (Simputer is a commonman's computing device, which is to work on GNU/Linux.) http://www.picopeta.com

PHP developers of India... unite
Neat self-introduction: "A group for PHP users and developers in India. Anyone and everyone who is interested in PHP, the world's most popular scripting language, is invited to join the Indian PHP User Group. Share your code, your problem, search for solutions, create fantastic new projects And most importantly *ENJOY*." Need we say more? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/in-phpug/

PHP applications for e-biz
Dr Sani might have been good at treating kids, but he's better at creating code. His Nagpur-based Sanisoft have been application providers for a wide variety of web based applications. SANIsoft's expertise lies in making "customised market places, classifieds, auctions, calendars, shopping cart, online CC verification..... what ever your need be." SANIsoft says it exploits the power of Open Source Technologies and uses PHP along with MySQL for programming web applications. The applications are custom made and are developed for the GNU/Linux platform. http://www.sanisoft.com

Data visualiser from an Indian hacker....
MayaVi is a free, easy to use scientific data visualizer. It is written in Python and uses the amazing Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the graphics. It provides a GUI written using Tkinter. MayaVi is free and distributed under the conditions of the BSD license. It is also cross platform and should run on any platform where both Python and VTK are available (which is almost any *nix, Mac OSX or Windows). Mayavi is Sanskrit for 'magician'. Prabhu Ramachandran's initiative from Chennai. http://mayavi.sourceforge.net/

Guess what this is....
NevyOS, says Mayuresh Kathe, is the result of over four years of research and around seven months of development. Earlier called Indy, it was released as an Alpha in January 2002. "Since then our internal design team backed with the tremendous user feedback has worked hard to take the user interface to a next level." NevyOS promises anti-aliased display with rich graphics, better icon sets and an overall healthier interface with an elegant and intutive look and feel

A GNU/Linux guide.... from India
Sameer Dilip Sahasrabuddhe's "Newbie's Guide to Linux". QUOTE: "The most appropriate time to read the NGL is when you are seriously thinking of trying out Linux for the first time, when you have started planning towards your first installation and when you are about to try out your newly installed Linux box for the first time." http://db.ilug-bom.org.in/Documentation/NGL/

GNULibraries... with love from Goa
Check out the software package for library automation created by three young men when they were engineering students from the small state of Goa. Credit goes to Sharmad Naik, Hiren Lodhiya and Gaurav Priolkar and Prof Gurunandan Bhat who guided them. http://sourceforge.net/projects/glibs

GNU/Linuxwallahs from Mumbai
GNU/Linux Users Group, Mumbai, also called ILUG-Bom, is an "informal mailing list of over 370 members" from all over India, but mostly from Mumbai. They discuss issues related to promoting, supporting GNU/Linux OS, various distributions, sharing free/open source resources, have informal and formal meetings/seminars, organize workshops now and then, etc. FN's comments: Nice helpful guys. They help spawn our ILUG in Goa, sometime in 1999. http://mm.ilug-bom.org.in/mailman/listinfo/linuxers

Console-based Indian language support
A project report by Ratheesh K. This is the link to that Indianisation document: http://www.geocities.com/ratheeshvadhyar/ratheesh-thesis.pdf

Working... for Indic solutions
This young man, an Indian expat brought up in the US, is working hard to find Indic language comupting solutions. Tapan S. Parikh is one of those behind the "indic computing" network at sourceforge.net. See more about him... http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/tapan/

Yudit is a free unicode text editor for all unices. It was first released on 1997, when Gaspar Sinai wanted to write in Japanese and Hungarian in one single document and realized that it did not take much effort to extend this goal and just support any script. Today it works with Indic scripts: Tamil, Devanagari, Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. Yudit 2.5.4 has been released. Check it out. http://www.yudit.org/

Kaai... kya hai?
A sneak preview of Infomart's "Kaii" Linux PDA Rick Lehrbaum (Updated March 18, 2002) http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8619741565.html

Lal Topi Hindustani... a.k.a. Red Hat in India
Some useful contacts to Red Hat in India. Recently RH sposored an effort on taking GNU/Linux to schools in Goa. Come on, Red Hat, you can do more to spread GNU/Linux across India. http://in.redhat.com

Elx... claiming to match Windows
ELX is India's first commercial Linux-based Operating System, which claims to match Windows by every feature and provides the additional advantages of Linux's robustness and security. The Linux operating system has been developed by Hyderabad-based Everyone's Linux, formerly 3T solutions. http://www.elxlinux.com

Mentoring students... Mumbai-style
An attempt to offer students interesting GNU/Linux projects. Suggests Trevor Warren of Mumbai LUG: "Let's get started with volunteers/mentors listing their names as project guides....And start using Wiki to create a list of Projects for students to come and visit. I would humbly request all to get started on the same ASAP.......which would be in accordance to the spirit with which all of us are doing our best to get the student community involved with Free Software." Contact for Trevor Warren: trevor@zenith-india.com http://www.ilug-bom.org.in/wiki/

TUG... and all that
The TUG conference is one of the worlds leading TeX users/developers conferences aimed at the experienced developers and at the the same time novice users as well. In September 2002, it was held at the Technopark, Trivandrum, India. This is the first time that TUG conference is being held outside Europe and US. All about the event here. Don't miss the well-written report... anyway, what does a baby elephant have to do with GNU/Linux ;-) Check it out. http://www.tug.org.in/tug2002/

NEIGHBOURS: GNU/Linux links from Bangladesh
BANGLADESH! BANG-LAA-DESH! BdLug.Org... GLUE, Groups of Linux Users in Bangladesh... BDLug's list on Yahoogroups....Linux hosting in Bangladesh... etc http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=linux+%2Bbangladesh

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Links to GNU/Linux in Nepal
Very interesting. Includes the only GNU/Linux site in Nepal, Linux for schools (Project Ganesha)...links to GNU/Linux users in Nepal, etc.... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=linux+%2Bnepal

Unleashing the power of the telephone...
Mukund Deshmukh of Nagpur's work. His Perl module for IVRS has a basic interface with the telephone line. The module has been released under GPL at http://cpan.org search for Ivrs. "The module has a small demo script for voice mail too. The beauty of the module is that it uses standard 33k/56k modem for IVRS application avoiding costly dialogic cards. If some one is ready to write application on this module, I am ready to help," says Deshmukh. IVRS (interactive voice recording system) could be a useful tool for regions where the written word is still alien to many who don't know how to read... http://search.cpan.org/search?mode=all&query=IVRS

GNU/Linux... and social and env issues
A site which deals with GNU/Linux along with social and environmental issues. Administered by a committed GNUcampaigner. Who said techies have no social vision? http://www.peacefulaction.org

Open Source... e-government ... and India
This is an international conference on Open Source (Free Software/Open Source might have been a better description) in the US. And look at the 'desi' participation: Rishab Aiyer Ghosh (27) ex-Delhi and key author of the FLOSS European study; a special session for India (Ajay Kumar of Kerala, Jivtesh Maini of Punjab, Sunil Abraham of Mahiti-Bangalore... a convert to GNU/Linux and its relevance for NGOs, and Vinay Deshpande of Simputer Trust). There are also other desi-sounding names. Wish more desis could travel the globe at the drop of a hat... there are more points to be made http://www.egovos.org/egovosagenda.htm

C interface for new Yahoo! Messenger...
A C library interface to the new Yahoo! Messenger protocol. It claims to support almost all current features of the protocol. This is from Philip http://libyahoo2.sourceforge.net/

Free Software... and Free Speech
: Himanshu announces he has launched a new site, which he says is basically a community web site for GNU/Linuxers. Its main aim is "to initiate, collaborate and contribute" to the GNU/Linux cause. http://www.thefreespeech.org/

GNU/Linux... in Kolkata
India Linux Users' Group in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). An interesting group, doing interesting work... but this page badly needs updating (so do those of a lot of our LUGs!) http://www.ilug-cal.org

Wanna develop Simputer apps?
There a lot of excitement (despite the delays) over India's attempt to build a commonman's computing device, the Simputer. This site tells you how you could contribute -- by becoming a developer of potential applications for the Simputer. We can't but remain impressed ... and optimistic. http://www.ncoretech.com/simputer/simputer/download.html

ELXLinux... all the way from India
Quite an interesting write up by the founder of desktoplinux.com, who interviews Abhi Datt, Chief Software Architect and founder of Project ELX, "a new project to create a uniquely easy-to-use Linux distribution." http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT6850645834.html

Can GNU/Linux reach Delhi's schools?
This is an attempt to take GNU/Linux across to schoolchildren. See what all is going into it! The mail archives.... http://www.mail-archive.com/school%40linux-delhi.org/

The computer... via one button
Interesting: "We are piloting a project to make a new speech synthesizer for people challenged by the current computer interfaces, and who are thereby unable to fully leverage the opportunities presented by Internet-type computing and communications. The completed solution will be made available in Open Source(Free Software) . We invite people to join with us to make this a reality. The intended beneficiary is Prof. Stephen Hawking of the University of Cambridge, UK, but we expect that many thousands of people will ultimately find it useful and productive." http://indataportal.com/software/hawking.htm See also: http://www.radiophony.com/html_files/hawking.html

Handling the Telugu language...
AkRti is a framework to facilitate easier development of applications that can handle the Indian language Telugu. The modular architecture decouples the input method, the underlying syllable based representation and the on screen display/print. http://sourceforge.net/projects/akrti/

Acharya -- website for multilingual (Indian) systems...
From the Systems Development Laboratory of the IIT-Madras. It was taking time to download, and I gotta run... but these guys are doing some great work at IITM. Keep it up! http://acharya.iitm.ac.in/perl_enhance.html FOOTNOTE: Just before closing, I got it... this page is about the use of Indian scripts with PERL. "Nearly a decade ago, it was reported that Sanskrit is the most appropriate language for writing computer software. The report, quoted as having been published in the Forbes magazine, seems to have caught the attention of scholars all over India. Unfortunately, no one seems to have asked if this were feasible! Worse still, Forbes Magazine never carried such a report."

GNU/Linux mag... on a CD
Check this out... a GNU/Linux mag from India. On a CD. When we visited, the site took time to load. Don't get discouraged... developerIQ seems fairly pro-GNU/Linux in its coverage. http://www.linuxmagindia.com/

GNULinuxInIndia (ezine)
Links to a newsletter offering updates on what's happening on the GNU/Linux front in India. http://www.freelists.org/archives/linuxinindia/

Type in English... see in Indic languages
Parabaas Axar is a word processor/web publication tool that allows you to write Indic languages in Roman letters using a simple transliteration scheme based on Itrans. Support is currently available for the following languages: Ahamiya, Bangla, Hindi and Marathi. More details? Contact parabaas@parabaas.com. Parabaas Axar is a "pure Java product". It claims to be platform independent. It works with equal ease on Windows 9X, Linux and Solaris. Needs to be tested on Macs. http://www.parabaas.com/Parabaas_Axar/index.html

Tamil Linux
Tamil expats across the globe... doing great work for their mother tongue. No wonder, "with the latest 9.0 rc1, Mandrake presents a choice to choose Tamil as the default language. Choosing this you will have KDE available as the default desktop with Tamil GUI. All Tamil tools are seamlessly integrated." http://www.tamillinux.org/

IIIT Hyderabad's Language Technology Resource Center (LTRC),
They have developed language dictionaries, plug-in for viewing ISCII, and font converters. Also doing a machine based translation tool (Anusaaraka). Most of their work is release under GNU GPL. http://www.iiit.net/ltrc/index.html

Linux Localisation Initiative
A volunteer group working on translating LDP documentation (starting with HOWTOs) to Indian languages. Finding the going tough, but... http://lli.linux-bangalore.net

IIT-Madras IndLinux Project
From the prestigious IIT-Madras in the south Indian city of Chennai. They have modified X & console in kernel to support Indian languages. Use ISCII encoding only. http://www.tenet.res.in/Donlab/Indlinux/

A modified X server to support Indian languages using opentype fonts. Uses Unicode. Seeks to bring Indic support at the OS level on GNU/Linux. Others too agree that NCST's (the Govt of India's Mumbai-based National Centre for Software Technology) localization work is promising, both for Indix and OpenOffice in Hindi. http://rohini.ncst.ernet.in/indix/

IndLinux Project 1
A volunteer group working at the desktop level (KDE/GNOME), using Unicode, but ISCII, the Indian standard character interface and South Asian equivalent of ASCII, will also be supported by providing converter tools, Current focus on Opentype fonts development, translations for GNOME 2.0 .

IndLinux Project -2
A volunteer group working at the desktop level (KDE/GNOME), using Unicode, but ISCII, the Indian standard character interface and South Asian equivalent of ASCII, will also be supported by providing converter tools, Current focus on Opentype fonts development, translations for GNOME 2.0 http://www.indlinux.org

Exploring Indian holy books.. in Sanskrit
There are even projects aimed at helping to explores Indian holy books, written in the ancient religious language of Sanskrit. http://sourceforge.net/projects/ved/

itrans, by Avinash Chopde
itrans by Avinash Chopde is a package for printing texts in Indian languages. It uses English-encoded text for input, and it supports the Devanagiri script (used for writing Hindi and some other Indian languages), Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, and Romanized Sanskrit. Input files can be in TeX, LaTeX, HTML, or PostScript format, and Unicode output is supported. http://www.aczone.com/itrans/

GNUIndia translation project...
Other initiatives have also come up, like the GNU India Translation Project (GTP) by gnu_india. It aims at the localization of GNU/Linux program into the native languages of india. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuindia/

Text-to-speech for Indian languages
dhvani is a text-to-speech system for Indian languages developed by the Simputer Trust developers and others. It is promising to soon have a better phonetic engine, Java port, language independent framework. http://sourceforge.net/projects/dhvani/

Some South Asian stuff on Linux Journal
Some of the material being put out by me on Linux Journal (and some unrelated material... which is thrown up by this search). http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Frederick+%2BNoronha+%2BLinux+%2BJournal

Pakistan's Linux Users' Community
Interesting updates from across the borders... http://www.linuxpakistan.net/news/

GNU/Linux in One Stanza (GNU-Lost)
Contribute to a project that makes it easy to learn GNU/Linux by giving out one-stanza tips... Interesting! http://frodo.hserus.net/mailman/listinfo/howtos To read more about this project and how it came about: http://www.freelists.org/archives/linuxinindia/09-2002/fullthread4.html

Trevor Warren's Qmail The Easy Way
He calls himself a 'self-confessed GNU/Linux freak, and, at 23, Trevor Warren of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is making a name for himself also in another sphere -- a GNU/Linux project he started and has clicked like nobody anticipated. It's called 'Qmail The Easy Way'. http://www.qmailtheeasyway.com

bzip2 translator
Ankur Arora , Shikka Garg and V. Venakataraman wrote this translator. When mapped on a file, you can do bzip compressed I/O. Capabilities include translating a read call, supporting SEEK_* in lseek, and dynamically determines the length of the file (which incidentally is a very slow operation, because the way the way the bz2 library has been written, the only way to find out the length of the uncompressed file is to uncompress it). It has some "major problems" too... concede the developers....

Migrate to Linux? ... not yet?
Skeleton for a (proposed) Linux advocacy site work on which has only just begun. This site shows a list of what's needed on the site.

A 17-year-old's dream...
Sayamindu Dasguptan is a "17+" Class 11 South Point High School student in Kolkata. Says he: "I am a Linux enthusiast, and at present I am writing some technical documents on linux.... The linux section will be the largest section in my website. I am writing a few technical help documents for linux-users, and the first one is about configuring a PCTel HSP MicroModem under Linux...At present I am working on a Linux PC Buying Tips and Tricks HOWTO... The notes for this HOWTO can be found here. This is a huge job, and will take some time to finish. I am also working as an Bangla editor cum translator in the Linux Localisation Initiative."

Status of Kannada Computing on the Internet
Arun Sharma's Status of Kannada Computing on the Internet. Well explained. For example: "The problem with ISCII is that it's use is not widespread and no good fonts exist. It requires special purpose hardware and software from a small number of vendors. Further, support for ISCII in free software like Linux and BSD using the X windowing system is weak, making cheap Kannada computing hard." Links to Free Software, Yudit (a great piece of software, which can handle OpenType fonts, even if X windowing system itself doesn't support it), etc...

Run UNIX applications on Windows (Wipro)
Someone called it Wipro's clone of cygwin. This URL puts it thus: "Explore this site to see how easily and effectively UNIX System applications can run on Windows."

Run UNIX applications on Windows (Wipro)
Someone called it Wipro's clone of cygwin. This URL puts it thus: "Explore this site to see how easily and effectively UNIX System applications can run on Windows."

A Linux site "specially for Indians"
Himanshu Shukla's site. Promises a comprehensive listing "of all that is required for a newbie, wanting to take his first plunge in the ocean of Linux". It promises to provides very good links to linux documentation, downloads, tips and tricks, and programming tips for C & C++ on the Unix/Linux platform.

Linux India mailing list (general)
Who's saying what about GNU/Linux in India. The general mailing list. Some important announcements come out here too. Check the archives.

G Karunakar's bookmarks (Indian language computing)
Fantastic resource. You won't believe how many there are here! GNOME, GTK, KDE, various basic readings, home-pages of the movers and shakers in Indian-language computing, press reports, important mail, links to specific Indian languages, Indian-language products, tutorials, online books, translation software, game programming, java, programming, X-windows, Linux, Unicode, fonts... even animation in Indian languages! Great job, Karunakar... Looks like a solution is near.

Indic-computing Sourceforge project
The indic-computing sourceforge project and mailing lists. "They are starting to make some great progress in open source documentation and development for computing in indian languages," comments Tapan S. Parikh of Knownet-Grin at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.

Linux... Step by Step
LESSBS - Linux Essential Services Step By Step Beta version discusses and shows how to setup the essential services like Web server, DNS, Proxy, Mail etc for Windows based Clients and Visual Installation Guide for Red Hat Linux 6.2.(a work is in progress for the Red Hat Linux 7.x) Check http://www.vivek-tech.com/lessbs/ The work of freelance software developer Vivek G. Gite who runs small firm called "Cyberciti Computer" and Linux Solution web site http://www.vivek-tech.com/.

Linux... for Malayalam
Apart from being a palindrome, the Malayalam language is spoken by some millions in the south-western corner of India. So, getting Linux to work in Malayalam is great news. Check out this alpha release, with a screenshot in that language. The software used are gtk+-1.3.5, pango-0.16. Plans are to release the sources.

Easy-read of How-Tos
Animesh Nerulkar's scripts to "ease the pain of reading HOW-TOs" and Blinston's simple script to "mess about with config files... allowing you to backtrack if you make a mess". From a small but active ILUG group, Goa's. (Might need to join the list to access this!)

Indic-computing (project and list)
Indic-computing sourceforge project and mailing lists. "They are starting to make some great progress in open source documentation and development for computing in indian languages," says Tapan S Parikh at the IIMA.

Linux CDs
Store for "economic CDs". Just a pricelist online. (15Feb2002)

An Indian palmtop? On Linux?
Bangalore-based Infomart is promising an inexpensive India-made PDA (Personal Digital Assistance), after designing and developing India's "first home-grown PDA". Will it work? Does it match the claims? Linux lists are uncertain... and there's some debate. Some say it will. Others believe it "seems to be based on Linux". The jury is still out...details awaited. Promo pic can be seen at http://www.infomart.co.in/

Amish Mehta's Cyberoam Authentication Client for various platforms (e.g Linux) for 24hr online internet on cable service. Parag Mehta informs that Amish is from Mumbai. Email amishmm at users.sourceforge.net

Joseph Koshy's FreeBSD Pages
Bangalore-based Koshy (33) volunteers to fix bugs, tweak documentation, and "do random jobs here and there in the source base". Projects include: CIEE Database (website for distributing information on various government funded schools in the Indian state of Karnataka), Indian BSD (adapting FreeBSD and other BSD-derived OSes to support the languages of the Indian subcontinent), Python/iX (maintains a port of the Python programming language to HP's MPE/iX operating system). Contact jkoshy@freebsd.org

Anjuta... for FreeBSD
Naba Kumar's Anjuta is also available for FreeBSD.

Linux-One-Stanza-Tips (LOST)
The LOST (Linux-One-Stanza-Tips) is a series of small documents which are intented to be used as signature files to e-mail attachments to Linux User Groups/ list postings. Available as a tarball only for download. Examine them off-line ... This comes via the personal home page of USM Bish ... a "very small page... Lynx-friendly... with the full page less than 1mb!"

Rajesh Fowkar's IceWM themes
A Linux-Tribal theme... Christmas... Boris Becker ... and winter themes... Check also under 'Linux Stuff' which lists how-tos for configuring SiS62165 cards, Oracle 8i, RAID-1, Sendmail, apt-get and ext2-to-ext3 conversion...

DeepRoot Linux
Bangalore-based Deeproot Linux - enthusiastically working to design "cutting edge Linux-based products". Including deepOfix (a simple solution that can automatically take care of all regular office serving stuff... currently under development) and EasyPush (systems management framework for server appliances...frees the application and interface developer from knowing anything about the system).

Remote Packet CAPture System for Linux (RPCAP)
S. Krishnan's work. It allows you to run a remote packet capture session. Let's assume that you have a remote network, say in Goa (where else!), and you need to monitor traffic on it, for whatever reason. One option would be to run something like tcpdump, and pipe its output to a Perl script which would periodically pump the tcpdump capture results either through a socket connection, or e-mail, or even a HTTP link! Another option is to pipe the output to a remote version of Ethereal. "But these are all kludges, difficult to set up and without any flexibility," says Krishnan. What he figured was, given that RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) provide a network transparent way of allowing a program on one machine to call subroutines (functions in C) on another, as if the subroutine was a local one. Says he: "With some limitations, of course, we could find a better way of achieving the same end." Keep up the work, Krishnan!

Indian LUGs...
Links to Linux User Groups in India. Could do with updating...

Indian tongues for the Penguin...
A project to create a GNU/Linux distro that supports Indian languages "from a GUI/Application level as well as Kernel level". Wanted: volunteers. Sign up here!

FreeBSD... for South Asia
J Koshy's goal of "adapting FreeBSD for the languages and cultural conventions used in the Indian subcontinent."

Navindra Umanee... person behind KDE
An interesting person... doing interesting work. Could someone offer me more info about navindra@kde.org ?

KDE... and India
Check out some of the discussions about the potential of giving an Indian-language interface for KDE... More information from http://i18n.kde.org/

Links to Arun Sharma's work...
To Arun Sharma (and a small initial team) goes the credit of being behind Linux-India. "What started as a small mailing list on my school machine, has grown to more than 1000 subscribers now." Check out his many free software projects and contributions. Genie (web based genealogy application), Citybus (web-based, to make it easier to find your way around Indian cities), Hindi Locale for FreeBSD, KWireless, Ziplib, libwi, Knight (a KDE frontend for chess playing engines), KLookup (a LDAP capable addressbook for KDE), KXMLViewer (a KDE based XML viewer written in Python) KLogViewer (a KDE based viewer for viewing syslog messages) KHM (a KDE based hardware monitor)...and more (including in FreeBSD).

Layman's Linux FAQ
MN Karthik "fiddles around with Linux" whenever he's bored "which is pretty much of the time". The result? A Layman's Linux FAQ, a shell scripting tutorial and a how-to on accessing Win partitions....

People Behind KDE -- Sirtaj Singh Kang
An Indian face... tho' based in Melbourne. This youngster in his twenties is aptly known as "taj" on the IRC. His claim to fame: KDOC (API doc generation tool), korn, karm, kview and kimgio (plugins for various image formats). Cmmon Sirtaj, how about pushing these KDE guys into making a version specially for Indian schools (low on computing resources for the most)?

Stupid OS
Put up by Indian students. Binary and source available. Tell me more about this... I don't seem to have understood what's in it....

South Asia: Fawad Halim's man interface in php
Interesting! An initiative from nearby Pakistan, that offers a man-interface via PHP. Code is being distributed under the GNU General Public License. Original version at www.linuxpakistan.net (Check out the news pages at http://www.linuxpakistan.net/news/ )

Useful work ... from Bangladesh
No plans to be expansionist... but we much also acknowledge what's going on in our neighbourhood. Mohammed A Muquit has a fascinating page of free software. Bangla fonts with Linux groff, LDAP authentication module for Apache web server, good ol' MasterMind game for Linux, a simple PPP dialler for Linux (mppp), mxconsole... and lots more. Thanks to Jeebesh Bagchi for pointing me here.

Prabhu Ramachandran's MayaVi
MayaVi... a scientific data visualizer.In Sanskrit, Mayavi means magician! PR was part of LI (Linux India) "a long while ago in the days when it first started". He calls this his pet project. Screenshots (A cut plane showing a density colour map) on the site show the capabilities of MayaVi and also show the user interface provided.

Philip S Tellis' httptype
httptype reads a list of http hosts and optionally the port number for each of these. It then queries each of the hosts and displays the HTTP server software of the host. By Philip S Tellis. It is written in Perl.

Peacock -- supercomputing... and Linux
What happens when a PhD in neurophysiology enters computing? Dr Mahesh Jayachandra's Peacock Solutions in Bangalore offers Peacock Solutions calls itself the first Indian company to commercialize supercomputing technology. It also promises to "integrate cutting edge science with the latest Linux technology". Projects include Linux parallel supercomputers (Beowulf clusters) for high speed rendering, molecular modeling & weather modeling; bioinformatics solutions; GIS servers; and ... hold your breath... local Indian language 'killer applications' (word processing, e-mail using GPLed tools -- the iobox!

Ashish Gulhati's Perl modules
You can do "various things" with these Perl modules. Checkboxes, radiobuttons, three styles of pushbottons, selection listboxes, an extensible editbox, scrollable viewbox, single-line text entry fields, menubar with pulldown menus, and full popup dialog boxes with multiple controls... also an object-oriented interface to PGP5, object persistence in SQL databases/PostgreSQL. Recent modules at http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-authors/id/AGUL/

Interactive Voice Response System (Perl extension for)
Mukund Deshmukh's Perl extension for an Interactive Voice Response System. Mukund is at Nagpur, visit http://www.betacomp.com/ Ivrs-0.07.tar.gz was released in Feb 2001. It works like this: someone phones a number, the system picks the call and a pre-recorded message is played out. 24 x 7. Your caller gets a voice menu -- to select the info (s)he wants. Besides, the caller can feed in his input info (access code, ID number, etc) through the phone dial-pad. Based on his/her choice, the relevant voice message is played back. It works in any language!

Sanisoft from Nagpur
Being in the heartland of India may also mean your away from the Bangalores, Delhis and Mumbais and thus may not get the attention you deserve. Dr Tarique Sani shifted away from treating kids to coding software, and his GNU/Linux contributions are already there. Tarique, Swati and Aasif (aged 4) are regulars at national Linux meets. Check out their WAPpop (GPL WAP-based POP3 mail client), of_calendar (calendar element for PHPlib's OOH Forms Library... can someone translate that?) and RtoD (a Roman-to-Hindi transliterator). See the last in action at www.aaina-e-ghazal.com

An Indian office suite
If you dream, you're half-way there. These guys believe they can develop an office suite "like MS-Word, Excel and Access" for Linux. I've met these guys... and seen their commitment. Inspite of being an expert in either Tamil or programming, I'd venture to say... watch this space. Check out their products already available... Like Pacman in Tamil!

Indlinux -- Linux's Indian face
Don't miss this page! If computing is to reach the commonman in a country like India, we badly need Indian-language computing solutions. When this page was quietly (and without much ado) announced, someone on a mailing-list commented: "These guys are _already_ offering Indian language support from _the kernel_ up, not as an add-on that is stuck on top of the OS. Imagine Pine in Tamil! These guys at IIT-Madras are really upto something. They share the credit with IIT-Kanpur and a local REC (Regional Engineering College). Don't get taken in by their unostentatious web page!

Chirag Kantharia's work
Life is full of coincidences. Had Chirag not stumbled across our modest Goa LUG, we would have perhaps never got to know of this work. Links to some of the projects he has been "actively" associated with. Including Bugster (he authored this, a P2P application for sharing MP3z and OGGz), Yamit, Sentry Linux, Waba Virtual Machine, Kollektive Linux (a distro aimed to be a graphics rich, desktop-enhanced GNU/Linux distribution for newbies), ANet (anonymous peer to peer networking protocol) etc. Bugster,says Chirag,is no longer being developed. "Basically, I wrote it cos we didn't have a machine back at IITB with disk large enough to store all our mp3s. So the distributed storage and bugster came to life," he writes. Sentry Linux too is not being developed. Maybe there's scope for others to continue... See his old projects page (http://symonds.net/~chyrag/oldprojects.html) for some more. Including a system for IIT Bombay that electronically manages theses of graduating students (Apache web servers, with JServ servlet engine, with a MySQL backend).

Vinod G Kulkarni's IMV
"Information Meta View (IMV) system attempts to create a web standard for information storage in a decentralized database. Information is stored as a graph like structure spanning several service providers." Wow! Sounds like something even a hack like me could benefit from! This is work in progres...

Mget -- command line download manager
mget is a command line download manager. "It splits the file into a number of segments and uses several separate threads to download each segment. It can handle proxies." It's by Debajyoti Bera. IIT, of course. dbera@iitk.ac.in. http://www.cse.iitk.ac.in/users/dbera/index.html

This program allows you "almost complete" access to the Internet, through a HTTP proxy like squid. Chirag Kantharia, who's using this, describes it as software that "allows one to connect to remote machines on any port, using http tunneling". Developers: Ajay Kumar Dwivedi and Binand Raj S . Credits also to Raja Subramanian, among others. Great going guys...

Amit Kale's kgdb
Amit S Kale, with some help from across the globe, has been "enhancing kgdb and maintaining this page since March 2000". Thank you Chirag Kantharia (symonds.net/~chyrag/) for letting us know! Let's take Chirag's description for it: "kgdb is a kernel patch, which allows one to use gdb to debug linux kernels. It's included in -mjc kernel tree." kgdb is a source level debugger for the Linux kernel. "It makes it possible to place breakpoints in kernel code, step through the code and observer variables." Sorry guys, don't ask a non-techie like myself what that means...

Raj Mathur's Kandalaya
Kandalaya (Sanskrit for "abundance", take Raj Mathur's word for it) consults in GNU/Linux, Network application integration and network security. Committed to the Free Software (Open Source) movement and its goals, Kandalaya contributes back its software packages. Like Hinv (hardware inventory, Gmemusage (graphical memory usage viewer), PPP Dial-Up Scripts (isn't that tough to dial-out to your ISP now) and Simple SMTP (does a "simplistic checking" of how fast a mail server is).

Free Software Foundation-India (mailing list)
Want to knowwhat they're talking about at the Indian branch of the Free Software Foundation? Check out this page. You need to be a subscriber to check the archives...

Educator working on Linux in education...
Nagarjuna G. is upto some interesting things. Including 'Fostering Free/Open Source Technologies' (FOST) and GNU/Linux for Education (GNU/LIFE). He's based at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in Mumbai (Bombay). Check him out!

GNU Yahoo
Balamurugan, Nagappan, Gopal, Ramesh, Vishwanathan, Anand Babu, Mridul Jain... and above all, Parag Mehta. Good job! (GNU Yahoo is a freely available GNU messenger for Yahoo! It was started by few of GNU hackers at end of the year 2000. GNU Yahoo is a purely console based application which has a geeky "readline" and "guile" interfaces. It connects to the Yahoo server using the "libyahoo" library.)

Anjuta (on Sourceforge)
It happens in India! A guy writing a software and naming it after his girlfriend. Naba told me she was thrilled, though at first all this thing of open source/free software might have taken time to explain. What's it? Here comes the technicalese: "Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ on GNU/Linux...." It also aims at marrying the flexibility and power of text-based command-line tools with the "ease-of-use of the GNOME graphical user interface" (that's an opinion... do you prefer GNOME?) Beta release, lots of work left. Three cheers to this young man from the North East, Kh. Naba Kumar Singh.

Free Software Foundation in India
Should it be Linux, or is GNU/Linux a more apt name? Whaddaya think? My view: forget about the fighting and differences between those in the Linux camp and those in the Free Software lobby. I can see that both have a point! If not, both camps are doing useful work. This site focuses on the initiatives of the FSF in India... which, for some reason, is based in the southern state of Kerala.The potential is very much there. Some great guys. Watch this space... (PS: Was having some problem in navigating this site. Can't seem to locate the ongoing projects one had seen here earlier, as of Feb 2002. Looking out for more stuff and links here....Keep it up guys!)

Links to GNU/Linux groups in India
Quite a few links to Linux groups (and mailing-lists) in India... and beyond. Don't hold me response for what's not working. One link that was earlier listed even took you to a pornography page.

You wouldn't guess this site was being run out of India. (Probably Prakash Advani doesn't want you to!) Everything about free operating systems... a few dozens of them. Not just GNU/Linux.

Project: GNU Library Management System
Glibms is Library management software developed using PHP and PostgreSQL to automate the different activities carried out in the library. It was put together by some engineering college students from Goa. Needless to say, we're awfully proud... and hope it works as promised! (Aw, is it Glibs or Glibms?) Whatever, Gaurav Priyolkar, Sharmad Naik and Hiren Lodhiya... Goa's proud of you!

Linux in Goa ... (some photos)
Don't take my word on this... it's a set of photographs from our Linux users group in Goa, on the western coast of India. This shows (i) why Goa is a nice place to attend a GNU/Linux meeting in (ii) what we keep busy doing (iii) why some ILUG members get terrified of the camera(iv) and why Linux can help you loose weight (sweating it out on a project to help schools get access to affordable GNU/Linux software). We've tried to capture many distros (RedHat, Debian, SuSE), places, many and different events (having fun, pretending to learn, after a tasty Goan meal...), we've not been able to do justice to all. If it didn't work, you have only me to blame. -FN

The Simputer
Imagine a simple, inexpensive computing device that costs under 0... and that could take computing to the commonman? Well, the Simputer promises to be it! Being made in the South Indian city of Bangalore ("the Silicon Valley of India"), it has caused a lot of excitement because of its potential. Will it work as promised? Will it be out as expected, and at the promised price? Watch this space... Of course, it's going to run on Linux!

Indy (alpha release)... Indy Operating Environment for Linux kernel
Check out http://www.tisya.co.in/indy/ On Jan 26: Indy, version 0.1 alpha release. It's the Indy Operating Environment for the Linux kernel. Indy OE has its beginings in a vision to provide the world with a combination of, power offered by the Linux kernel and a minimalist yet, an elegant and easy to use interface, according to its promoters.Prerequisites for using the IndyOE include a "willingness to try out alpha software".

GNU/Linux links in India...(on Yahoogroups)
This page (from our ILUG-Goa site) has a number of GNU/Linux links. From India and elsewhere... The Indian links have been largely compiled from Yahoogroups.com. Lots is happening on the Linux front in India. But it doesn't get widely announced. The groups could be better networked, which means that what's happening in one centre (say Mumbai, Pune, Calcutta) is not known in another. Wish we could do something to increase the flow of information... This page has links to a number of Linux groups in India. Check it out!